Older homes draw a lot of people because of their unique and charming characteristics. They present a history that most contemporary homes offer. However, such houses tend to look dated and old. But there are ways to give these older homes a modern twist. Here is a couple.

  1. Start with the entrance

A sure-fire way to enhance an old home's look is starting with the most obvious - its entrance. You can paint the front door using gloss exterior paint so it stands out a little more. Go for bold and vibrant colors like red or yellow for maximum visual appeal. Don't forget the hardware as well. Polish doorknobs or better yet, if it fits your budget, you can replace the old one with a new knob, kick plate, and door knocker. Add new light fixtures on both sides of the door. Finish the look by adding a fewpotted plants that frame the entryway.

  1. Update the kitchen

To make an older home look new and stylish, you can remodel the kitchen. The easiest step would be to paint the room in either a shade of cream or tan. If the cabinets and shelves are in a dark color, paint it in white or black for an added flair. If you are on a budget, you can do the painting of the cabinet yourself. In the same way as the front door, you can also install new hardware on the shelves and drawers, as well as getting a new light fixture like scones or overhead lights to give the kitchen a more contemporary feel.

  1. Sprucing the bathroom

For a new and fresh appeal, a good bathroom update will do the trick. A fresh coat of paint is the first step. Use paint in a neutral shade to make space appear larger. You can also add a new oak vanity to the bathroom. If not, a simply painted vanity will give the space a crisp and modern feel. Replace your old bathroom mirror with one that is larger and with a wooden frame finish that coordinates with the vanity.

  1. Update the living room

In most houses, it is the living that guests first see upon entering the house which is why it is the first room people remodel or redecorate if they want the rest of the house to appear modern. By adding moldings around windows and doors, you are giving it a crisp and new look. Paint the ceiling in white to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Match the walls to the shade of the carpet for a more seamless appearance. And while you're at it, why not install a spy camera with audio to boost the security of the home.

  1. On a budget

If you are on a tight budget but you still want to make your old house look modern, the easiest way would be to update outlets, light switches, and plates. These might be small changes but they have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the house. Yellowing outlets and switches contribute to making the house look older. There are a ton of stylish ones that are affordable and have a striking, often contemporary, look.


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  • Sep 05, 2020
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